Which stone garden sculpture has the most legs?

  • September 3, 2021

Stone garden sculptures can be seen in every corner of Melbourne, from the Melbourne Opera House to the inner suburbs.

But while many of them are iconic, some have been stripped of their glory by the city’s rapid gentrification.

Here are some of the most striking.


The Spinning Wheel from the Gold Coast 2.

The Bonsai from Gold Coast 3.

The Stone Garden from the Southbank 4.

The Tiki Room from Port Augusta 5.

The Wicker Chair from The Rocks 6.

The Chateau in the Outer Hebrides 7.

The Blue Garden from The Highlands 8.

The Artichoke from the Outer Coast 9.

The Mardi Gras Chandelier from Port Melbourne 10.

The Lilliputian from The City of Yarra Source News24

What’s new in a new species of giant rock?

  • August 11, 2021

article New Scientist: New species of huge, round, rock sculpture has been discovered in an Indonesian island.

The giant, six-foot-tall sculpture was discovered by conservationists in the Java island of Sulawesi and is one of a number of giant stone sculptures discovered in recent years.

The sculpture was found by scientists studying the rocks of a sandstone island off the island’s east coast.

The island’s largest rock, known as Javanese Jug, is the largest on the Indonesian island, but its rocks are very thin and hard.

The scientists used a robot to study the rock, and then a computer model of the sandstone.

They found the sculpture was made of quartzite, a type of rock common in Indonesia.

The scientists said that the rock had been “touched” by a wave, and the sand had been removed and polished, with the results showing that the stone had been polished.

They said that while they had previously seen a lot of large, round rocks like these in Indonesia, they had never seen a giant rock.

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