Chicago sculpture center casts ‘sculptural savior’ for ‘Savior of the Poor’

  • July 9, 2021

Chicago sculpture artist J.M.K. Sallis says the Chicago Art Museum’s new “Savior” sculpture is part of a larger shift in the city’s image of itself as a hub of art.

Sallis, the curator of the Chicago Center for the Arts, said the sculpture, called “The Great Stairway,” will be the centerpiece of the new exhibition “The Spirit of Chicago,” which opens May 1.

Sillis said the Chicago Museum of Art and Chicago Public Art, which jointly built the sculpture center, are among the museums to see their collections become more diverse.

Sellers are increasingly turning to artists who draw on the city as a place to make art, said Salles, who added that Chicago is a growing hub for the arts.

The museum will also exhibit a number of new art pieces, including a new “Rise Above” sculpture that was created by artist David Litt.

Salls said the new “Spirit of Chicago” exhibit will bring together more than 100 artists, including Sallises work.

The exhibit will run through May 21.

The Chicago Art Center is among a number cities that are seeing the decline of the art world in recent years, Sallides said.

The Art Center of Chicago is the oldest surviving American art museum, founded in 1871 and located on the South Side of Chicago.

The Art Center was established to serve the needs of Chicago’s working-class residents who had little to no access to art galleries.

In 2012, the Art Center announced it was closing its doors after serving more than 40,000 patrons since opening in 1974.

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