How to save a piece of marble from destruction

  • August 3, 2021

Ancient Egyptian statues, carved from marble, are becoming a popular tourist attraction in Egypt, with some locals even selling the sculptures for tens of thousands of dollars.

But some of these sculptures have become a popular target for thieves.

Many of the sculptures have been found broken, vandalized, or even destroyed, according to a recent report from Egypt’s National Antiquities Authority.

A report by Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities last month said that over 50 marble sculptures of Egyptian deities were broken, defaced, or vandalized in the last two years, and more than 100 statues were stolen from the monuments.

Some of these pieces have been damaged or stolen from museums.

Museums and museums in Egypt often host events to help tourists discover the sculptures, including a large-scale reconstruction of the pyramids and a “genealogy tour” that shows where ancient Egyptian history started.

The tours also offer tours of ancient Egyptian culture and history, including depictions of gods, and ancient Egypt as it appears in the Bible and other sacred texts.

The report said the number of cases of marble sculptures stolen in the past two years “has not increased due to a decrease in vandalism.”

However, the report said that some of the thefts and broken sculptures had been linked to vandalism of other Egyptian artworks, including an 18th century sculpture of an Egyptian god called Tutankhamun, which is now in the Cairo Museum of the History of Art.

“Some of the thieves have also targeted other sculptures of Egyptian deities,” the report stated.

Egypt’s antiquities minister told Al-Monitor that the thefts had “not increased” and that the ministry had taken measures to ensure the safety of ancient Egypt’s sculptures.

However, he added that the government would continue to invest in protecting Egyptian cultural heritage.

The Egyptian Antiquities Ministry is currently investigating some of Egypt’s most famous ancient Egyptian artifacts, including the Sphinx, the Egypian statues of Ephydemus and Geryon, and the pyramidal temples of Giza and Timnah, according a report in the Egyptian daily Al-Hayat.

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs is in charge of managing and preserving Egypt’s antiquity and antiquities heritage, the newspaper reported.

In the report, Al-Arab reported that the Minister of Cultural affairs, Ibrahim Ibrahim, said that “he has ordered the establishment of a team of experts to deal with the issue of the illegal appropriation of cultural heritage.”

Al-Arab also reported that an expert had visited the sites of the Sphinxes and Giza to study the statues, and he also visited a museum dedicated to the statues to discuss the matter.

Egyptian antiquities ministry spokesman, Dr. Mohamed Khoury, told Al Arab that the report had been forwarded to the Ministry of Culture for further investigation.

He also said that the Ministry has not yet received any complaints about the statues being vandalized.

“We have investigated the matter and will present a report to the ministry in a few days,” he added.

The reports about the thefts of ancient sculptures come just months after the destruction of the Great Sphinx of Gizam-e-Sothoth, the last of the six monuments of the ancient city of Gizeh in the Western Desert of Egypt.

The destruction occurred in 2015, after it was discovered that the ancient Egyptian city had been looted by criminals who stole priceless artifacts.

The Great Sphincter of Giseh was destroyed in a massive fire in December 2015, destroying much of the Egyptian civilization, including its cultural heritage, and making it impossible to preserve any traces of ancient civilization.

In January 2016, a court in Egypt found the thieves guilty and sentenced them to a maximum of five years in prison.

The court also ordered that they pay the fines, and they were released from prison in February.

In April 2016, the Egyptian government signed a deal with UNESCO to restore the Great Pyramid of Gisa and the Pyramids of Gisesir, and in July 2016, Egypt signed an agreement with the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to restore monuments that were destroyed in the 2015 fire.

In 2016, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi signed an historic deal with Egypt that gave Egypt the right to host the 2020 World Culture Festival in 2022, and a law was passed that allowed Egypt to start construction of a new world heritage site called Tefilah.

The new site will be built next to the Great Pyramids and the Great Temple of Gizesir.

The two pyramids are the only ones of the five Great Pyramidal Temples built in the 3rd Dynasty to survive the massive fire.

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