How to make a bird lady statue using a 3D printer

  • August 22, 2021

A popular Greek sculpture that is believed to have been made by an ancient warrior, the bird lady, has been found in the ruins of the ancient city of Kastellam in central Greece.

It was found during excavations for the Greek National Museum of Art (NGMA), which was built during the Byzantine era.

The 3D model of the bird was made from resin and has been mounted on a wooden pedestal that had been decorated with bronze and wood motifs.

It is the first time that the bird has been exhibited in Greece and the first such example of a sculpture in modern times.

The object has been in the possession of the museum since the early 1990s.

The bird was created using the method of metal-cobalt alloy, a technique that has been used to create many ancient artefacts.

The design of the statue is based on the design of an eagle, with a helmet on its head and wings on its back.

The head of the eagle is covered with a leather strap and the tail is made from leather.

The metal-steel sculpture is decorated with a pattern of concentric circles and dots.

A metal sculpture made using the technique of cobalt alloy has been discovered in ancient Greece, according to researchers.

The discovery has been made as part of the excavation of the National Museum in Kastelam.

The National Museum is part of a complex of ancient and modern archaeological sites on the outskirts of Krasnoarmea.

The main building of the building is built on an ancient foundation, which was damaged during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD6.

The Kastellean Archaeological Museum has been operating since 1873.

The museum’s director, Ioannis Koufikis, said that the discovery is a significant piece of history.

The bronze bird was discovered in the museum’s courtyard.

It was made of wood, bronze, and bronze alloy.

The researchers used a 3d printer to make the bird.

The eagle was mounted on the pedestal, with the wings folded back and the metal-coated feathers covered with leather.

It cost around 500,000 euros ($750,000) to make.

The NGA plans to show the bird at its next exhibition in 2018.

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