When ana borra was a little girl, her favourite statue was an angel sculpture – BBC Sport

  • July 12, 2021

ANZA BORREGO, Chile – A small-town boy’s passion for ana is as strong as his love of the arts.

Ana Borsola has her work at the Anza Borsera, a gallery in the northern city of Santiago, which houses sculptures by artists including a giant statue of an angel perched on top of a mountain.

“I’ve always loved it, it’s always been there, but when I was a kid I was always fascinated by it,” says Anza Borrego resident Javier Fernandez.

“My mother used to say that angels are beautiful because they are so strong, they are strong, and that makes you love them.”

Javier says the statue’s strength is evident in its pose.

“The angel looks like a mountain, it has wings, it looks like it is flying,” he says.

“It’s very graceful.”

The Anza’s founder Anza Fernandez, a local woman, had a dream to create an exhibition hall that would be like a “paradise for artists”.

He thought a temple might be a better fit for his goal.

So Fernandez began the Anzabara Museum, which today has more than 300 works by the likes of El Salvador’s Salvador Gaviria, Brazil’s Paulo Coelho, Chile’s Gustavo Lopez and Italy’s Stefano Lazzarini.

The museum has been a hub for local artists since it opened in the 1970s.

But in recent years, many of the works have been targeted by a backlash.

“People were very angry, they were very disrespectful,” says Juan Martín, who teaches at the museum and has been collecting works by local artists for nearly 30 years.

“They were very upset that people are taking these pieces and putting them in the museums.”

In response, Fernandez launched a campaign called “Ana borsa”, or angel, in 2013.

“It’s a very important thing to say,” he explains.

“We’re all a part of this.

We all know the person who made the statue, and we are all a bit part of the work that was created by the statue.”

It’s the work of Chilean artist Carlos Fernandez that inspires this year’s exhibition.

“He’s the only person who’s actually created the statue,” says Javier.

“I feel like if he’s doing this, then the work is worth doing.”

“He makes a beautiful statue,” agrees Anza.

The statue’s owner, Carlos Fernandez, says his wife had a vision for the gallery when he was a young man.

“Ana was always very happy and she wanted to create something like this,” he told BBC News.

“And she decided that the angel was the perfect figure to represent her.”

Carlos Fernandez says Anzibara was the right place for Anza to be able to work on his art.

“When I was 10 years old, she said, ‘I want to be an artist’,” he recalls.

“We decided to do something different, and the Anzeabara became a very powerful place to be.”

This is a special place, this is my home.

“Carlito Fernandez’s statue of a tall, slender angel stands in the Anzarabara Gallery, Chile.

He and his wife started the gallery in 1971.

It has been the centre of Anza, a city of 5.3 million, for 40 years, with the famous Anza de la Independencia statue in its centre.

Carlos has worked as a sculptor since childhood, making large sculptures in the traditional manner of Chileans.”

When I started to be interested in art, it was my passion, it took me from a small town in the middle of nowhere in Chile to one of the world’s greatest art cities,” he said.

But, like many of his friends, he soon found himself in the limelight.”

The Chilean government didn’t like my work because I was trying to raise money for the army, so the government said I could be punished for it,” he laughs.

Carlito says the government didn`t take into account his age when it ruled against his work, and he was punished.”

In Chile, I don’t get a lot of respect from the public, but that didn’t stop me from getting a lot,” he adds.”

But the truth is, I got the recognition because of my work.

“When Carlos was 20 years old he decided to make the statue himself.”

By then I was living in a small apartment, with my wife and two daughters.

“So I started making the statue as a hobby,” he remembers.

“My wife said to me, ‘You need to go out and make a sculpture, so you can do something good.'”

He made the angel for around 40 hours, and his dedication paid off.

“At first I didn’t know if I would be able in my lifetime to do it

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