Why we’re happy with the sculpture at a statue of Henry Moores statue in Brighton

  • September 20, 2021

The bronze sculpture of Henry Mores statue has a special place in Brighton.

The artist’s family had it commissioned by the Brighton Museum for a number of years and it’s now one of their most popular works.

It was built on a large site in the city’s Old City, where the site is named for Henry Moore, the founder of the British colonial city.

It’s been named for him by the museum since its opening in 2005.

It sits atop the hill that once stood on the site, and was once the main place for visitors to walk through Brighton.

But in 2018, a new statue was built to replace the original, which had been in the works for years.

The sculpture, which is currently in a private home, will go on public display at the Brighton Art Museum from February 8 to March 15.

It’s a new addition to the Brighton Public Library’s collection, and the art museum’s director of contemporary art, Emma Robinson, said the sculpture “gives a real sense of intimacy to the city, as if we’re sitting in an old house.”

The sculpture of a statue and its accompanying artwork, including a plaque, is on view from February 9 to April 4.

“We’re trying to celebrate Henry Moors work,” Robinson told Business Insider.

The bronze sculpture was designed by a team of sculptors, including former London mayor Boris Johnson.

Johnson, who is also an artist, has commissioned a number the bronze sculptures he’s commissioned.

The bronze statue was one of a number he commissioned for the city in the 1980s, as well as the installation of a new sculpture by a group of artists, including William Butler Yeats.

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