Artist’s ‘Tango’ sculpture collapses in New York

  • September 18, 2021

New York artist Stefano Brancuso has made a “tango” sculpture that he claims toppled in a Manhattan park.

The 52-foot (15-meter) tall (120-foot) sculpture of the American Indian artist, who also designed the park in the US, collapsed when a tree fell on it in the Hudson River park, the New York Daily News reported.

“This was a big piece of the park that I was working on,” Brancu said.

“We had to get it fixed up.

It fell right into the park.

It was a pretty big piece.”

The sculpture, which was installed in the park last year, was supposed to be on the second level of the pavilion but fell on top of a tree and fell on the other side of the building.

Brancusol says he is not angry about the incident.

“It’s fine that it happened, because the piece was a piece of art and I did everything right,” he said.

“I put it on the ground and it fell, I didn’t think anything of it.”

The artist says he does not regret the sculpture.

“I’m glad that the piece fell, because now we have to make it safe,” he told the newspaper.

Branches of the sculpture were cut and replaced in the weeks following the incident, but Brancuros said he did not expect the tree to remain standing.

“The trees are pretty tall,” he added.

The park was opened in 2001 and is one of the world’s largest.”

And then you have to move it to the next level.”

The park was opened in 2001 and is one of the world’s largest.

Branceso has previously created a similar sculpture at his studio, The Water, in New Jersey, but has not used the same methods.

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