Male sculpture at National Women’s Soccer League exhibition unveiled

  • June 14, 2021

The unveiling of a sculpture by a female artist on the National Women�s Soccer League�s opening night featured the head of an eagle and the head and wings of an owl.

It was a tribute to former Seattle Reign midfielder Christine Sinclair, who was killed during an airplane crash in 2012.

The sculpture, created by artist Emily Bauch, features Sinclair�s head, which was mounted on the wings of a Boeing 737.

It was unveiled Friday as part of the NWSL�s Women�S Classic, a 10-day celebration that will feature three other female-created sculptures, including a sculpture of a woman wearing a hijab, that was unveiled in July.

The NWSL announced last week that it was adding a fourth woman to its team of female creators, as the league and its sponsors decided to invest in a female-owned studio to make a new, female-driven line of artwork.

The unveiling of the new sculpture, which depicts Sinclair with her head on the wing of an airplane, came as the NWS, which has had only one women in its women�s soccer history, began to explore the possibility of a female team.

A NWSL spokesperson told The Associated Press that the team is exploring options with both Sinclair�in her personal life and other individuals to help them become involved.

In addition to Sinclair, the new team of artists includes artist Tanya Paz and artist Mika Lohma.

Paz created a sculpture called “Halloween Night” for the NWL�s inaugural season.

It features a man dressed as a witch, who is holding a pumpkin.

Pz also created the “Havana” sculpture that was created for the inaugural season of the league.

It depicts the same witch holding a bag of candy in her hand.

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